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Battle Dawgs Wellness

“Battle Dawgs newest endeavor is to expand its wellness and therapeutic offerings to our veterans by opening a location in Norfolk, Va called Battle Dawgs Wellness. Strategically located in the heart of the largest geographic collection of military personnel and veterans anywhere in the country, Battle Dawgs Wellness will offer new programs for veterans and serve as a starting point for some of our veterans who are most in need of help. This location will serve as the first station for some of our veterans participating in our wilderness decompression camps. We will bring our warriors to the Battle Dawgs Wellness location to begin an unbelievable offering of a variety of health and wellness modalities including individual and group counseling, massage therapy, floatation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, and orthotic and prosthetic treatments before joining us shortly thereafter in Talkeetna, AK for their wilderness camp.


In addition, Battle Dawgs Wellness will host educational events throughout the year, serve as a local community center for Veterans in need, and offer music and art sessions for healing. Battle Dawgs Wellness will also be the location of Battle Dawgs’ newest focus for warriors who have completed a camp or are ready for the next challenge, Operation: Next Mission. This program provides Veterans with support for training, vocational counseling, interview skills, resume writing and professional communication. This program considers all community support services related to identifying and discovering new purpose while addressing concerns related to physical and emotional barriers including PTS and TBI, thereby providing enhanced opportunities for gainful employment or community engagement.  Services include access to additional supports related to overall health and well-being that impact employability.”

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Physical Therapist
Amputee Athlete
Weight Lifting
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