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Tier One: Warrior Camps

Our outdoor rehabilitation program consists of many different camp opportunities. The focus of this program is to encourage veterans struggling with combat related injuries to experience the natural splendor of the Alaskan outdoors and restore camaraderie. Each Tier One Camp is different and activities are personalized to allow maximum enjoyment to each participant. 

Summer Camp Series

This 7 to 10 day camp may include:


World class trout & salmon fishing

High intensity white water rafting

Amazing flight seeing tours 


Glacier tours​

UTV tours 

Jet boat tours


World renowned ocean halibut fishing

Winter Camp Series

This 7-10 Day camp may include:


Dog mushing adventures
Hit intensity snow machining adventures
World class pike ice fishing

Northern light viewing and photoshoots

Iditarod viewing / mission support

Irondog viewing / mission support

King Fishing
ATV Riding
Halibut Fishing
Float Plane Flight
Salmon Fishing
Glacier Tours
ATV Tours
Zip Lining
Fly out Trips
Ocean Fishing
Snow Machining
Dog Mushing
Norther Lights
Kennel Time
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