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Our Program

Battle Dawgs warrior reflecting

Phase One is the outdoor rehabilitation process. Warriors will spend a week exploring the amazing state of Alaska, from fishing the world's greatest rivers to walking on glaciers. Phase One is packed full of exciting adventures! These camps have four new warriors, a mentor and a staff member. 

Outdoor - Rehabilitation

"On that glacier I realized the world is bigger then the four walls in my house" 

-Aaron Provost

Battle Dawgs warriors enjoying the outdoor rehabilitation


Phase Two is all about camaraderie. In this phase, mentoring warriors will be paired with an entry level camp and mentor the new warriors on what to expect. They will arrive 2 to 4 days prior to the camp to assist in preparation and familiarize themself with the new clinical programs. Mentoring warriors  assist new warriors attending our program. 

"The one thing I missed the most with my time in service was the Brotherhood" 

-Jeremiah Brewinton

Battle Dawg warriors building eachother up


Phase Three is all out about building a mission.

Our warriors who graduate to this phase will be part of our entire program. They will plan camps, choose warriors and prepare programs. They will also be introduced to community partners to help grow their professional resume and extend the clinical side of the program.

"I came to camp to look for peace. Instead I found the will and desire to keep fighting."

- L. D.

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