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Helping warriors one step at a time.

"Battle Dawgs is about having each others back. Being there regardless of how hard things get, and getting through it." -Aaron Provost

Battle Dawgs Logo


To empower our nation’s heroes through therapeutic and exciting experiences by harnessing the natural splendor of Alaska's landscape and the majestic healing power of sled dogs.

"You may arrive at camp as a "wounded warrior" but by the time camp is over you will be a "Battle Dawg!" -Jessy Lakin

Battle Dawgs Logo


To provide unique, direct programs and services to honor and empower our nation's heroes while raising awareness to the community.

"I came to camp to look for peace. Instead I found the will and desire to keep fighting." - L. D.

Battle Dawgs Logo


All of our programs and camps are mission oriented. When you arrive to camp you will be issued essential gear, attend an OPORD brief, then go to assigned living quarters. Each night your team will be briefed on the next days task, you will be given a starting point time, route to target, TOT, and target engagement brief.