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Heather Pierce
Certified Brain Injury Specialist & Personal advocate

The granddaughter of a WWII disabled Veteran, daughter of a Navy Veteran and niece of a Vietnam Veteran, Heather Pierce translated her upbringing into 25 years of experience in advocacy for individuals with a variety of barriers including situational, physical, emotional, financial and intellectual. Heather began her career in advocacy as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children and currently works as a Vocational Counselor and Community Support Services Counselor for individuals with disabilities. As a Lead Counselor, Heather’s focus is her work with disabled Veterans who have experienced Traumatic Brain Injury and live with post-traumatic stress. In this role, Heather supports veterans in removing barriers to self-directed new purpose. 

Heather empowers her clients to make positive, future-minded decisions that serve their highest good by acknowledging the learning opportunity in each challenge and shifting focus to each person’s strengths. Heather uses past circumstances and future uncertainties as growth opportunities to regain personal power and explore potential. 

Heather is pursuing her master’s degree in Mental Health and Rehabilitation Counseling at Virginia Commonwealth University, is a licensed insurance agent, notary and maintains her brain injury specialist certification to best serve her clients. Heather has been recognized nationally for her work as a Community Support Services Counselor by the Wounded Warrior Foundation and offers motivational speaking for underserved populations. Heather is most proud of her two adult sons, Colin and Pierce and enjoys spending her free time with them or at the beach. 

(757) 639-7541

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