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Dr. Deb Cox Wood


Deborah Cox Wood, PhD, ND, with a BS in criminology, along with numerous certificates in coaching, leadership, nutrition, exercise, brain health and emotional wellness. She was named Professional Business Woman of the Year in 1996, again in 2012, and recognized in 2013 by Worldwide Who’s Who “for showing dedication, leadership, and excellence in alternative and holistic medicine.”

Dr. Deb is a Doctor of Naturopathy, a Stephen Covey Facilitator, an entrepreneur, helicopter pilot, professional writer, and public speaker who has lived three full career-focused lives in Law, Real Estate and Medicine. Deb’s wellness clinic is located in the art district of downtown Norfolk, Virginia, promoting the “art of wellness” through seminars, her books, and treatment therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen, sensory deprivation tanks and many more science based healing modalities found at the Renova Center – along with a variety of wellness-practitioners. (See

She has spent over thirty years as a philanthropist, donated to various charities and causes but now dedicates her time, energy, and money raising awareness and funds for treatment and research for Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury for our Veterans, First Responders and Child Abuse. Where does this passion/drive come from? She says, “It’s my mission. I’m the daughter of a Viet Nam Veteran, and I love hanging out with survivors … kindred spirits who don’t know yet – that they are Super Heroes.”

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