Rick Casillo, Brother,  I want to take the time to personally thank you for all your caring support and personal commitment, professionalism, hard work and dedication to myself and our Veterans that took place at the recent Battle Dawgs Camp.  It was truly an honor to take part  and participate in the camp supporting fellow Veterans.  In the short time I spent with Battle Dawgs, I was defiantly able to witness a positive mental change in the fellow Veterans who attended and shared their own struggles and experiences and at the same time mentally and physically opened up to each other.  I think the Mission Oriented Program of Battle Dawgs is a great methodology to re-engage Veterans during their time in Alaska, it provides a sense of purpose and structure.  This unique opportunity with the Battle Dawg Staff and all of its energetic supporters (Dr. Deb, I didn’t get to meet her but I know her heart is as big as an Alaska Moose, Big Hug to her for sharing her lodge such a great sanctuary... Dr. Lisa was a jewel and moved me in ways I didn’t think I could go literally, Big Hugs..  Jesse, Thanks for all of your insight and support at the Lodge, clean your clay shotgun it needs it. Lol. Was a chance to self reflect on my own personal issues and make an attempt at resetting my own mental clock within and re-evaluate myself.  If in anyway I can assist with this awesome program in the future and provide guidance and/or mentorship to any other veterans I would be greatly honored.  I wish you and your Pups the Best on your next race.  Thanks for showing me which end of the Fly Rod catches fish, I will never forget my Alaskan adventure...Cheers.


Todd Sowerby, CW4, USSF Ret. (Battle Dawg)


I would like to take the time to thank you for all that you did for me at camp.  I am very appreciative.  I told you I came to camp to look for peace.  Instead I found the will and desire to keep fighting.

I've often wondered when looking at veterans that have come back from Vietnam and have lost everything.  I've wondered what the difference was between me and them.  In my mind it has always been my family.  My family has kept me from doing things that would cause me harm.  When I began having problems at home with my family, it caused me alot of concern.  Feeling like a horrible father was making it easier for me to give up.  I understand that it may not be my fault, but as a father it is still hard for me not to wonder if I've done something wrong.

Battledawgs gives warriors a family, people who care, and understand what we have been through.  Just being around soldiers again.  I've come to terms with alot of what I saw in Iraq.  I was a soldier doing the right things.  I made mistakes, some of which could have cost lives,, but it was with the best of intentions.

Thank you once again for all you did for me personally and for all of us.  Please thank Dr. Deb for me.  She and you have helped me remember things that I need to remember.  Personal feelings that can never be expressed.

Thanks again,


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