Battle Dawgs is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt #47-2810733 non-profit organization.

Battle Dawgs
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WILLOW, AK 99688


Dr. Lisa Grasman - Battle Dawgs Treasurer

Growing up in the Midwest on a family farm, I have always had a deep sense of Patriotism and pride in America. I recognized the freedoms I have enjoyed in my life including being able to obtain a high degree of education as a Doctor of Chiropractic, and being able to own and operate my own small business. These accomplishments were made possible, in part, because our military defended those freedoms for me.

After visiting Alaska numerous times over the last decade and experiencing its beauty and adventure, I just recently moved to Alaska to make it my home. Starting over and building a new life here, I knew it was important to get involved, to surround myself with friends, and to build a new network of support. When I was approached to become part of Battle Dawgs, I knew I found just that.

Being part of Battle Dawgs has given me the opportunity to recognize the men and women of our military who fought for my freedoms and give back to them, to pay it forward so to speak. My Father, Stanley G. Grasman (1936-1999) served in the US Navy in 1955-1957. He was my biggest role model for honor, integrity, hard work, teamwork, and self-sacrifice. Knowing I can contribute to and help other veterans heal from the experiences they faced while serving in the military, is one way to demonstrate those traits that my dad instilled in me.

With my experience as a Chiropractor and someone who knows how to help others achieve a higher level of health, I am honored to be part of Battle Dawgs. I look forward to helping the Battle Dawgs Warriors in their life journey, to form a new support network, and to experience an entire new level of life with our Warrior programs.